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We would like to present your school with an opportunity for your students to participate in an Ipad giveaway contest. We are providing 3 brand new ipad 4 as a prize for one student within the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade to have an opportunity to win.


BDG wants to make a positive impact in the lives of our students and our community through a simple and yet creative project called, “The Acts of Kindness Project 2012.” We believe that this project will create waves of kindness to spread throughout the community giving your student and the community a real reason to smile.

The Purpose

The purpose behind this type of contest is to inspire your students to look for meaning full ways to reach out and help, serve and care for others around them. We believe that this will help promote students with a greater level of leadership growth, confidence, as well as a fun and memorable experience that could last a lifetime.

The Method

Students who want to participate in this contest would be required to do the following:
• Perform kind acts of service that is meaningful for others within their neighborhood, school and community.
• Students would be required to write a heartfelt letter describing what they chose to do as an act of kindness in their neighborhood, school or community. Students are allowed to do as many acts of kindness for as many people they want, however, they will need to write a separate letter about each act of kindness they did.
• The student would need to write about the acts of kindness experience by describing their personal feelings of the experience, how their acts of kindness made a difference in their own life as well as in the life of the person or people they served. The more descriptive they can be about their thought processes and feelings during the experience the better.
• Students will need to write down a name, phone# along with a location of the individual that was served. This is so that we can verify the story in the process of choosing a winner.
• Students will also need a parent’s signature verifying that the student did perform the act of kindness.
• BDG Acts of Kindness Committee will choose one winner from each grade.